Classroom OET Courses (UK)

There is no getting away from the fact that face-to-face OET tuition is the best way to study. Not only do you have the focus of attending timetabled classes with a highly skilled and experienced OET tutor, but you also have the collective push of your class mates to see you through the OET preparation course toward a successful result in the OET exam. We have two in-school face-to-face classroom based courses which you can take at our training centre in Worcester UK (just 2 hours from London):

A one-week “Masterclass” OET course to give you a day on each of the four skill areas for the OET exam followed by a mock OET test on the final day. This is great for higher level students – if you have studied by yourself and perhaps need a final boost to your confidence and experience the inside of an OET exam venue.

A 4-week Intensive OET classroom course to take you from ‘day 1’ through to the OET exam 4 weeks later. This is great for doctors and nurses who have to take time off work and have “one shot” at getting the test result they need for GMC registration or to get a PIN.

We can also offer homestay accommodation for those living far away so you can be totally immersed in working toward success in your OET.

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